Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6 Dual-port 10GbE SD-WAN Router

To embrace the new normal of remote working, businesses must deploy both a remote VPN that is quickly accessible by multi-location users, and a high-speed in-premises solution covering wired and wireless connections. The QHora-301W supports high-speed Wi-Fi 6 and 10GbE connections, while also providing an enterprise-grade SD-WAN VPN to allow multi-site VPN deployment via the cloud. Combined with a budget-friendly price, the QHora-301W is a solid foundation for building a next-generation network.

QuWAN SD-WAN technology automatically establishes a secure mesh VPN with QNAP devices at multiple sites.

Supports Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 802.11ax (2.4GHz & 5GHz), delivering up to 3600Mb/s transfer speeds – 1.38x faster than Wi-Fi 5 – and supporting 4x more concurrent Wi-Fi clients!

Two 10GbE ports and four Gigabit ports for flexible LAN and WAN deployment.

Eight antennas provide a perfect wireless pattern view and supports Wi-Fi 6 for high-coverage signals.

Supports up to six SSID groups for different VLAN settings.

Compared with conventional routers with complicated IP settings, QHora-301W supports Automatic Device Search in WAN/LAN.

Welcome to a New Age of Routers!

QNAP’s next-generation routers go beyond simple IP settings and Wi-Fi connectivity, with the QHora-301W offering an all-in-one solution by integrating amazing new technologies for remote multi-site VPN, and high-speed wired and wireless connectivity.

The next-generation router gives you...

10GbE for flexible high-speed LAN/WAN deployment

The QHora-301W has two 10GbE ports for flexible LAN/WAN deployment.

The next-generation router gives you...

Better coverage and faster Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

The QHora-301W supports Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 802.11ax (2.4GHz & 5GHz) - 1.38x transfer than Wi-Fi 5.

The next-generation router gives you...

Subscription-free SD-WAN for multi-site VPN

SD-WAN is not just for high-end enterprises. The QHora-301W includes QNAP’s QuWAN solution to simplify remote VPN connections across multiple locations.

Upgrade to an affordable SD-WAN Router!

The next-generation QHora-301W includes Wi-Fi 6, 10GbE, and SD-WAN to fulfill both business and remote networking applications.

For Business IT Infrastructure

Compared with normal site-to-site VPN with high expenses and tedious configuration, the QHora-301W adopts QuWAN to build an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, facilitating digital transformation, multi-site expansion and remote working.

For Remote Workers

The QHora-301W supports Wi-Fi 6 to offer faster wireless speeds for mobile and smart home devices, enabling multiple concurrent users. Remote workers can access company LAN resources via QuWAN, without needing complex VPN settings.

High-end Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM

Optimized hardware performance for efficient wired and wireless networking

The QHora-301W pairs an enterprise-grade Qualcomm Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor with 1GB RAM, providing support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and up to 3600Mb/s dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) transfer speeds. With two 10GbE ports and four Gigabit ports, the QHora-301W enables flexible LAN/WAN deployment and optimized wired network performance.

Built-in antennas for high-coverage Wi-Fi signals

With eight antennas, the QHora-301W provides the perfect wireless pattern view and supports Wi-Fi 6 for high-coverage Wi-Fi signals.

Quiet and cool operations

The QHora-301W features a fanless design for near-silent operations. Even when connected to multiple devices, the QHora-301W maintains dependable performance for offices and homes.

Two 10GbE ports for flexible wired network deployment

With two 10GbE ports and two Gigabit ports for WAN/LAN configurations, the QHora-301W offers following flexible usage scenarios for optimized network deployment.

Accelerate large-scale VPN deployment via SD-WAN

When a business expands into remote working and distributed workforce operations, they face the challenge of VPN deployment efficiency and connection speed. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology effectively solves these issues – without requiring expensive enterprise-grade VPN equipment. The QHora-301W uses QuWAN (QNAP’s SD-WAN technology) that automatically deploys connected WAN services and VPN sites through software-defined networking to achieve optimal network bandwidth and transmission speeds. Not only does SD-WAN improve IT deployment and management efficiency for multi-site expansion, but it also provides reliable infrastructure to enable digital transformation and remote working.

Traditional VPN Infrastructure

With rapidly-growing demands for multi-site VPN, severe bandwidth bottlenecks are caused by the traditional headquarters-centered network infrastructure. Yet SMBs cannot afford enterprise-grade VPN equipment for multi-site VPN deployment.

QuWAN SD-WAN Infrastructure

QNAP SD-WAN technology, QuWAN, provides a full mesh VPN topology that works well in complicated networks where all peers need to communicate with each other, achieving cost-effective and resilient IT deployment.

Deploy flexible Mesh VPN topology with multiple QHora-301W

Deploying multiple QHora-301W at different sites enables not only high-speed wired and wireless networking, but also interconnected Mesh VPN topology via SD-WAN. In homes, the QHora-301W as an Edge device offers home Wi-Fi and VPN connection to companies, allowing home workers to get the best of both worlds.

Intelligent WAN Optimization

The QHora-301W prioritizes the stability of your Mesh VPN. QuWAN features intelligent WAN optimization to ensure transmission stability of the two 10GbE ports and four Gigabit ports.
Note: One 10GbE port and two Gigabit ports can be flexibly connected to LAN or WAN.

WAN Aggregation

Combine the bandwidth of different ISPs to optimize WAN connection speeds and performance.

Application-based Routing & QoS

Application-based Routing auto-detects end-user applications to select the fastest routing path, and QoS reserves bandwidth utilization for high-priority tasks.

Automatic WAN Failover

Integrate Hybrid Multi WANs (such as ADSL of different ISPs) to automatically connect to other available services if there is a service disconnection.

Centralized QuWAN Orchestrator for efficient Cloud management

QuWAN Orchestrator is a powerful and convenient centralized network management cloud platform, enabling IT staff to remotely deploy and manage edge network devices. Its Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) allows IT staff to easily build a large-scale WAN remotely and without the assistance of personnel at each location. IT staff can also monitor bandwidth, set parameters, and analyze network traffic on a single platform – perfect for multi-site, multinational network management and maintenance. Connected to QHora-301W via wired or wireless connections, client devices can easily access the SD-WAN network.

QuWAN Orchestrator QuWAN Agent QVPN Client
Go to to view the status of connected devices via the Dashboard. You can apply batch settings to all devices, set push notifications, and perform remote troubleshooting. Install QuWAN Agent on your QNAP devices and configure the setting parameters to be connected to each other in a Mesh VPN (Topology view in QuWAN Orchestrator). Install QVPN on mobile devices and computers for easy connection to the QHora-301W for accessing multi-site VPN resources.

* The Wi-Fi, firewall and connection application configurations of QHora-301W will be supported in QuWAN Orchestrator from Q3 2021.

Deploy a multi-site VPN with the subscription-free QuWAN solution

QuWAN can be installed on QNAP NAS, QGD switches and QuCPE servers*. When co-working with the QVPN App, remote workers can be easily connected to SSL VPN via their computer or mobile device. Whether scaling up to accommodate worldwide offices or simply to different departments in the same building, devices in different locations are flexibly segmented to be connected with each other in a micro-segmented network.

Deploy a global QuWAN network topology

QuWAN allows for the easy and flexible deployment of a global network topology for an enhanced multi-national working experience. You can create multiple regions inside the global domain, and the configured regional hubs will automatically form a Mesh VPN via Public IPs. Only the China domain with Internet restrictions needs to be connected to the global domain through an Inter-domain link.
Note: QHora-301W will be supporting Inter-domain link function from 2021 Q3.

Faster Wi-Fi 6 connectivity using 160MHz high-speed channels

The QHora-301W supports Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 802.11ax (2.4GHz & 5GHz) and MU-MIMO, delivering up to 3600Mb/s speeds and allowing for more concurrent Wi-Fi clients. QHora-301W also supports 2×2 160MHz channels to offer smooth and uninterrupted wireless Ultra HD streaming experiences. With eight antennas and OFDMA technology, the QHora-301W provides higher-coverage Wi-Fi signals.

QVPN: Secure communication with remote devices

QHora-301W incorporates both the VPN server and client capabilities of the QVPN Service – allowing you to create a VPN client that connects to a remote server or third-party provider to access content or services. It also allows the QHora-301W to be used as a VPN server for connecting to end devices with OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and QNAP's proprietary QBelt VPN protocols.*
Note: The QVPN Client, QVPN Server and QuWAN service cannot be enabled at the same time. The QVPN Server and QuWAN service can only be enabled at the same time when using Qbelt or OpenVPN, but are disabled when using L2TP.

Six SSIDs for VLAN settings, offering smooth and secure connections

The QHora-301W supports enterprise VAP (Virtual AP), allowing for running up to six SSID groups (3 x 2.4GHz and 3 x 5GHz). IT staff can configure VLAN settings for each SSID to provide groups of users/devices with connection stability, which is essential for high-density networks with high numbers of concurrent users.

Enhanced Security

The QHora-301W offers many comprehensive security features.

Watch global videos without limits

Access global internet with QHora-301W’s QVPN Client service easily! By setting the OpenVPN protocol in QVPN Client to direct network to a cross-region VPN Server, QHora-301W can be connected to Cloud VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, CyberVPN or NordVPN, allowing you to easily watch region limited video streaming or news*.
Note: QVPN Client, QVPN Server and QuWAN service cannot be enabled at the same time; QVPN Server and QuWAN service can be enabled at the same time without using L2TP protocol.

QuRouter OS: User-Friendly Router Management

The QHora-301W uses the QuRouter OS, providing a user-friendly web-based GUI, at-a-glance dashboard and port indicators to assist in everyday network management tasks. With the QuRouter OS, not only can users efficiently manage all connected wired and wireless devices in real-time, but they can also configure the firewall, VPN, security and QuWAN advanced functions.

VESA-mount design for flexible deployment

With a modern appearance and fanless design, the QHora-301W fits perfectly alongside other devices in modern digital homes and offices. The QHora-301W can be installed anywhere, from desk tops to walls, ceilings and under tables with VESA mounting, for efficient space utilization.

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