Your own secure and private PACS server with a DICOM viewer

MediQPACS turns a QNAP NAS into a secure, private PACS server for backing up DICOM images from hospital modalities and allows for quick viewing of medical images. MediQPACS provides healthcare professionals with a budget-friendly alternative for their PACS server, including 24/7 availability and central management and storage of all DICOM files that consists of all the historical data of the patients and their medical images.

Convert your QNAP NAS into a PACS server

You can easily convert a QNAP NAS into an affordable PACS server by installing MediQPACS to centrally backup all your DICOM files. By establishing a connection with other application entities and modalities in your HIS (Hospital Information System), your NAS can also serve as a backup PACS server. With MediQPACS, backed-up DICOM images from your database can easily be retrieved and directly displayed with the built-in medical imaging software in MediQPACS or using Orthanc.

Back up all your DICOM files

A secure and private storage device for all your DICOM files and medical imaging data.

Retrieve and view patient images

Receive your patients’ medical images from different source modalities. (Supported modalities)

Remote access to DICOM files

Allow other doctors and radiologists to remotely view your patients’ images and give a second opinion.

Use a QNAP NAS as a PACS server on your Hospital Network

With one or more QNAP NAS on your hospital network, DICOM images can be saved from different modalities and backed up from PACS servers. QNAP NAS can also be used as PACS servers. The total capacity of QNAP NAS can be effortlessly scaled up to fit future needs while providing secure and confidential storage for patient information and DICOM files.

Quickly view recently-added patients

MediQPACS enables quick viewing to the images of recently-added patients from the default connected modality or AET, helping to reduce the time spent on querying or searching for patients’ data.

Back up all your Patients Medical images (DICOM files)

Dependable backup methods are extremely critical to mitigate the impact of data loss caused by hardware failure, human error, or malware. Add a QNAP NAS to your hospital network (HIS) and install MediQPACS to backup all your patients’ medical imaging data (DICOM files) to the NAS.

Quickly find and retrieve patient information

Enter a query and quickly search for patients by choosing a connected PACS server in you HIS network. You can search for your patients by name, age, gender, date of examination, and more. This provides easy access to your patients’ medical history and related DICOM files.

Analyze patients’ images with advanced tools

You can view DICOM images, tags and patient information on one single screen. By dragging and dropping different DICOM images of your patients, you can view multiple images at once and can add a layer over the images for diagnosis using tools such as windowing, leveling, livewire, flood fill contour and more.

Please note that for the purpose of diagnosing, use a medical display to display images.

Effective analysis with MediQPACS and QuAI

The DICOM files saved on a QNAP NAS can be used by data scientists, data engineers and analysts to feed a DNN (Deep Neural Net) training model. By leveraging the QNAP QuAI application on the NAS, doctors can use the inference service to support their diagnosis and analysis of patient DICOM files.

Learn More: QuAI

An affordable PACS server for small clinics

The MediQPACS solution on QNAP NAS is ideal for clinics and laboratories that require an affordable PACS server to securely store patients’ DICOM data. You can install the NAS in your clinic, hospital or at home and securely access the data from anywhere via the Internet.

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