Remote Backup and Expansion Unit Roaming

Complete solutions for remote backup and data migration

QNAP NAS provides not only all-encompassing backup solutions, but also a whole range of methods for fully backing up the contents of the NAS, adding an extra layer of protection for your data in the event of disaster recovery.

When “Plan B” is not enough…

There are few greater priorities to a company or organization than files & data, and no matter how many layers of backup and data recovery options a company has, they should always be looking for newer and easier ways of protecting, backing up and restoring data just in case the worst should occur. While traditional backup solutions for a NAS would be portable hard drives or other devices, they have the risks of getting lost, being inconvenient to maintain latest backup versions, or having insufficient capacities to handle huge amounts of data. And for network-based backup methods, it may be inefficient to consume huge amounts of bandwidth for a vast number of small files or a single large data file.

Benefits of QNAP remote backup options

Backing up data in real-time or a scheduled basis to remote servers or cloud accounts can greatly help in providing coverage for “worst case scenarios” and other unforeseeable disasters. The option to physically migrate the NAS contents via JBOD also provides a potentially quicker and zero-bandwidth solution for backing up the total contents of a NAS.

RTRR and rsync

Data on the NAS can be backed up to another remote QNAP NAS or FTP server on a real-time basis via QNAP’s RTRR service, or a standard rsync server on scheduled basis. With RTRR, the source NAS monitors files (including files in Qsync and Time Machine backup folders) and synchronizes the changes to the destination server.

QNAP’s RTRR supports many advanced features, including:

2-way synchronization

2-way synchronization allows scheduled data backup to synchronize shared folders between two QNAP NAS units to ensure the synced QNAP NAS will always have identical data with improved office and branch collaboration.

FTP root-path backup

RTRR also supports backing up files in a root path from FTP server and popular cloud services. Backup management becomes more convenient and time-saving.

Backup Versioning

Multiple versions of files can be backed up to local or remote sites and rolled back to a specific point of time whenever needed. You can choose simple versioning to schedule how many versions should be retained and for how long, or smart versioning with a rotation scheme that automatically replaces earlier backup versions based on your settings to save storage space.

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QTS offers easy-to-use, feature-rich, and secure cloud backup solutions that allow you to back up your data to a variety of enterprise-class public cloud storage services including Microsoft® Azure, Amazon® Glacier, Amazon® S3, ElephantDrive®, Google Drive™, Dropbox® and IBM® SoftLayer. It also supports various private cloud storage solutions that are compatible with OpenStack Swift, and WebDAV.

JBOD Migration

It may take a lot of time to move a vast number of small files or a single large data file, especially in a slow network environment. JBOD migration function, available in QTS 4.2 as QJBOD Express (JBOD enclosures roaming), on the QNAP NAS provides a secure and convenient way to move your data to other NAS devices via compatible expansion enclosures. » Read the tutorials

Note: To complete data migration via JBOD enclosures, your NAS must support JBOD configurations, and RAID groups of storage pools cannot cross multiple enclosures.

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