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Smart Edge PoE Switch with 2.5GbE and 10GbE Capability for the Wi-Fi 6 & SD-WAN Generation

The QNAP QGD-1602P is the world’s first PoE managed switch series that supports Virtual Machines (VMs). Featuring 2.5GbE and 10GbE SFP+ ports and up to 90-watt PoE output, the QGD-1602P allows you to build a high-speed and high-power PoE network infrastructure for Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and Routers. With a dual-CPU design, the QGD-1602P uses Intel® Atom® multi-core 2.2GHz processors with two SATA drive bays to support VM and QTS applications. The QGD-1602P not only fulfills IP surveillance, network security, wireless AP management, and storage expansion applications, but also integrates QuWAN to form a SD-WAN architecture with other QNAP devices across multiple sites, helping to build a resilient and secure IT infrastructure. With 20GbE internal bandwidth capacity and Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT), the QGD-1602P achieves the high-performance transmission required for edge computing virtualization and IPsec VPN, and offers SMBs a cost-optimized and centrally managed LAN deployment solution.

Compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standards. Offers 4-port 90-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE capabilities. Can supply a total power budget of 380 watts to meet the demands of high-powered devices (PDs) and supports intelligent PoE management functions.

Two 10GbE SFP+ ports provide computers, LAN switches and NAS with higher bandwidth to empower applications like virtualization, 4K video editing and file sharing.

Provides comprehensive Layer 2 management features (such as VLAN, LACP, QoS IGMP Snooping, and Wake-on-LAN) with user-friendly network management software. IT staff can efficiently control network bandwidth and enhance security using a web-based management interface.

Set up an SSD cache or storage pools to increase file access efficiency.

Two PCIe Gen3 x4 slots allow users to install 10GbE network cards, QM2 dual-port M.2 SSD/10GbE cards, USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) cards, or wireless adapters.

Host containerized applications and virtual machines with various operating systems. Flexibly install QuWAN, virtual router, firewalls, or wireless LAN management software for various networking management applications.

Available Models

2.5GbE PoE Switch for Wi-Fi 6 APs & Routers

The QGD-1602P breaks through bandwidth limitations of connecting cabled and wireless networks to enhance your storage and access experience. With eight 2.5GbE ports, the QGD-1602P supplies up to 90 watts of PoE per port and a total power budget of 380 watts to meet the demands of high-power Wi-Fi 6 APs. The QGD-1602P can also be connected to a QHora Wi-Fi 6 Router via its 5GbE host ports to offer Wi-Fi 6 networking in home or office environments. Featuring diverse high-speed network interfaces, the QGD-1602P provides a comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 wireless network infrastructure solution for small-to-medium-scale businesses, hotels, and stores. Coupled with QNAP’s QuWAN SD-WAN solution, the QGD-1602P greatly enhances wireless LAN efficiency from optimized WAN bandwidth.

Upgraded performance for smoother virtualization

The QGD-1602P provides a full upgrade of network speeds, performance and memory, which not only greatly enhances the network transmission speeds of edge devices, but also optimizes the capabilities of running multiple virtual machines and containers for highly-efficient virtualization applications.


CPU (Max.)






Internal bandwidth capacity


RAM (Max.)


VMs (Max.)

Sturdy hardware with Intel QAT for optimized performance

The QGD-1602P uses Intel® Atom® C3000 series multi-core 2.2GHz processors, has two SATA drive bays, and provides and two M.2 NVMe SSD slots for SSD caching to increase IOPS performance. Two PCIe Gen3 x4 slots allows users to install 10GbE network cards, QM2 dual-port M.2 SSD/10GbE cards, USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) cards, or Wireless Adapters to boost core functionality. The QGD-1602P also supports Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) to greatly enhance IPsec VPN performance.

Note: Intel® QAT is supported when using QTS 4.4.3 (or later).

The First PoE Switch Series with VM Support

The Guardian supports QNAP’s QTS operating system and is the world’s first PoE switch series that can host virtual machines, containers, and provide other cloud applications – enabling diverse networking and storage solutions. In addition to QuWAN, QVR Pro, HybridMount, and other applications, the included App Center also supports VMs for running many open-source software applications. The Guardian provides SMBs with not only an all-in-one networking solution for IP surveillance, storage expansion, network security, and wireless LAN management, but also a SD-WAN solution for connecting to other QNAP devices at multiple sites. The dual-processor Guardian enables you to independently run the networking management interfaces (QSS – QNAP Switch System) and QTS. The Guardian provides a user-friendly web interface, QuNetSwitch, to help SMBs deploy a flexible and secure IT infrastructure.

QTS and QSS can work independently without interference to ensure continuous operation. For example, when restarting QTS, the QSS PoE power supply will not be interrupted; when rebooting QSS, the VMs on QTS will keep running.

Deploy a multi-site VPN with SD-WAN solution

The QGD-1602P and other QNAP solutions now support QuWAN – QNAP’s SD-WAN solution. QuWAN provides full mesh IPsec VPN topology between QNAP devices based in multiple sites to fulfill enterprise video, VoIP, ERP system data, and filing needs. QuWAN adopts software-defined networking to achieve optimum network connectivity, and supports cloud-centric management for deploying a resilient IT Infrastructure.

Learn More: QuWAN

Dual-system of Switch & NAS, enabling optimum performance

The QGD-1602P features dual system design, multi-port capability and expandable architecture, enabling optimum transmission and flexibility to fulfill business needs in performance and application diversification.

Intelligent PoE Management of up to 90W high-power devices

The QGD-1602P is compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standards, offering 4-port 90-watt and 12-port 30-watt PoE capabilities. The QGD-1602P can supply a total power budget of 370 watts to meet the demands of many high-power devices (PDs) (such as 4K IP cameras, wireless APs, IP phones, LED lights, and digital signage). The QGD-1602P supports intelligent PoE management functions, including scheduling, power supply prioritization, and power enabling and disabling. You can obtain the real-time network connection status and power consumption information of PDs and configure PDs simultaneously to promote an energy-saving PoE network.

Faster wired and wireless transmission

The QGD-1602P has eight 2.5GbE ports and eight Gigabit PoE ports for connecting various high-speed powered devices. Two in-built 10GbE SFP+ ports can serve as uplink ports to the Internet and core networks or simply be connected to routers and LAN Fiber switches. The additional two 5GbE and two Gigabit host management ports can be connected to multiple hosts or LAN devices to improve LAN efficiency. The switching capacity of QGD-1602P is 96Gbps, guaranteeing the full potential of each port. By installing an 802.11ac Wireless Adapter and the WirelessAP Station App, the QGD-1602P can work as an access point for connecting multiple edge devices and offer wireless speeds up to 2533Mbps.

20GbE Internal Bandwidth for Virtualized Applications

QTS can directly access to and control the data processed in QSS using Virtual Switches. The QGD-1602P provides 20GbE internal bandwidth to accelerate computing between end devices and hosts. The additional two 5GbE and two Gigabit host management ports can also be connected to multiple hosts for deploying multiple virtual machines.

QuNetSwitch: Layer 2 Management with User-friendly Web GUI

The QGD-1602P provides comprehensive Layer 2 management features (including VLAN, LACP, and LLDP) for efficient control of networks through IP grouping and bandwidth management. Powerful security functions (including IGMP Snooping, static MAC, QoS, and Wake-on-LAN) are also suitable for simple networking environments and easy deployment. Aside from the QNAP Switch System (QSS), the QGD-1602P also offers the user-friendly web interface software QuNetSwitch (via QTS) to help IT staff control Layer 2 management and PoE networks. The overview dashboard and statistical analysis area displays all the information about the switch and PDs at a glance, making centralized management of powered devices intuitive and easy.

Port ManagementVLANPort TrunkingQoS
– Port status
– Port statistics
– Port configuration
– Jumbo frame support
– IEEE 802.3x flow control
– Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex modes
– VLAN configuration
– Port-based private VLAN
– IEEE 802.1Q-based VLAN
– Port trunking
– LACP groups
– Bandwidth control
– Traffic classification
IGMPSecurityManagementAdvanced Applications
– IGMP snooping v2/v3– Access Control Lists (ACL): ACL by IP address, ACL by MAC
– Static MAC address
– Rate limits
– Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP): LLDP remote device
– Interfaces: Web UI, Telnet, Command Line Interface (CLI)
– SNTP, DNS, DHCP client entry
– Port mirroring
– Loop protection to avoid broadcast loops
– Wake-on-LAN

The Guardian Smart Edge PoE Switch meets all your business needs

The QGD-1602P is a one-stop central networking solution that offers flexible power supply, Web-based management, and innovative virtualization applications to solve various networking problems.

x Ubiquiti UniFi = Wireless AP Controller

The QGD-1602P has 16 PoE ports and a 380w power supply for various high-power PoE wireless APs. By installing UniFi, the QGD-1602P becomes a hardware and software-based wireless AP controller. The QGD-1602P enables not only data transmission and PoE management over wireless APs, but also central management of cabled and Wi-Fi networking devices in offices, hotels, stores, and other small-to-medium-sized networks.

x QVR Pro = Total IP Surveillance System

The QGD-1602P has 4-port 90-watt and 12-port 30-watt PoE to different brands of high-power 4K PTZ Cameras with the ONVIF standard. When used with QVR Pro, the QGD-1602P simplifies the surveillance network infrastructure while satisfying requirements for surveillance deployment, central management, video recording and computing.

IP PBX System

The QGD-1602P offers 15-90 watts PoE per port for SIP IP Conferencing Phones. You can also deploy a secure IP PBX phone system for multiple users by installing FreePBX software.

x Virtual Router x Virtual Firewall = Enhanced Cybersecurity

The QGD-1602P can be transformed into a secure router with a firewall via virtual router and virtual firewall software by installing MikroTik RouterOS and OpenWrt. Flexibly configure routing functions and separate or protect local networks and apply multiple security policies. You can also easily manage all networking devices with Zabbix network management software.

x Zabbix = Centralized Network Management Platform

The QGD-1602P supports Zabbix Network Monitoring Software that auto-detects connected SNMP-compliant servers/devices, and monitors network status. Zabbix provides a Dashboard and Analysis Reports for efficient large-scale network management.

Smart Hotels

Hotel staff and customers can benefit from a smart access control system. Customers can check in with self-help kiosks upon arrival while browsing through room details and service packages. Wi-Fi should also be provided for customers to check information and contact customer service. Customer data also needs to be securely stored, while a surveillance system is necessary to ensure security.

The Guardian Smart Edge PoE switch provides:

  1. Smart Access Control System: Up to 2.5GbE 90-watt PoE capabilities and 2.5GbE network transmission to transfer customer check-in data in real time.
  2. Self-help Kiosk: Up to 2.5GbE 90-watt PoE capabilities, enabling data connection for self-help kiosks and digital signage.
  3. Wi-Fi Service: 15–90-watt 2.5GbE PoE capabilities for wireless access points (WAPs), while also supporting Ubiquiti UniFi for centrally managing a connected UniFi Access Point (UniFi AP).
  4. IP Surveillance System: 15–90-watt PoE capabilities and 2.5GbE speeds to 4K PTZ and Fisheye IP cameras. Deploy QVR Pro and auto-detect ONVIF IP cameras for greater management convenience.
  5. Data Storage and Backup: Centrally store check-in data from customers.
  6. Network Devices: Printers, fax, and VoIP phones can benefit from Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Business Digital Transformation

IT staff in small businesses often need to set up file servers for employees to centrally store files. You also need to create networks for connecting equipment such as printers and VoIP phones. Firewalls are crucial in information security for mitigating attacks and threats. VPN connections are also necessary for secure remote file transfers between offices, sites, and remote workers.

The Guardian Smart Edge PoE switch provides:

  1. File storage/backup: Centrally store data for teams and facilitate greater teamwork and collaboration.
  2. High-speed Network Devices: Use 10GbE SFP+ and 5GbE ports to connect to the Internet, 10GbE Routers, core networks, and other devices. QSW 10GbE switches and 10GbE NAS can empower applications like virtualization, 4K video editing and file sharing.
  3. Wi-Fi Service: Link to a QHora Wi-Fi 6 Router to provide a high-speed Wi-Fi 6 network.
  4. Deploying a firewall: Protect against attacks and threats by using pfSense.
  5. SD-WAN service: Install QuWAN on the QGD-1602P in different offices and sites to efficiently establish a mesh VPN with other QNAP devices.
  6. VoIP phones: The QGD-1602P can supply PoE power (15–90 watts) and allows installation of FreePBX for deploying a low-latency enterprise SIP IP Telephony and IP PBX system.
  7. Wake-on-LAN: IT staff can remotely wake devices on local networks to improve routine maintenance or operation efficiency.

Smart Retail

Digital signage is a convenient way to display menus/inventory and current offers. The POS system must also be constantly connected to ensure sales data is saved. An NVR surveillance system is also required to ensure customer, staff, and environmental security. These services can also use Wi-Fi for ease of use.

The Guardian Smart Edge PoE switch provides:

  1. Digital Signage: 90-watt PoE capabilities, supports running QTS for storing digital signage data.
  2. Ordering Kiosk: 60-watt PoE capabilities and 2.5GbE connectivity for transferring customer order details.
  3. POS System: 30-watt PoE capabilities, supports running QTS for centrally storing sales data. When used with QuWAN (an SD-WAN solution featuring IPSec VPN), staff and management can easily access an ERP system based in company headquarters/data centers.
  4. IP Surveillance System: 15–90-watt PoE capabilities and 2.5GbE speeds to 4K PTZ and Fisheye IP cameras. Deploy QVR Pro and auto-detect ONVIF IP cameras for greater management convenience.
  5. Wi-Fi Service: Install a QNAP QWA-AC2600 PCIe card and use with the WirelessAP Station app to provide high-coverage dual-band wireless connections.

Flexible Storage Expansion

Connect a TR RAID, TL USB JBOD, or TL SATA JBOD to expand the storage capacity of the QGD-1602P to accommodate data and business growth.

ConnectivityPCIe (Multi-channel SATA 6Gbps)USB-C 3.2 Gen2 10GbpsTR-002: USB-C 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
TR-004: USB-C 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps
TR-004U: USB-C 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps
Number of bays4: TL-D400S, TL-R400S
8: TL-D800S
12: TR-R1200S-RP
16: TL-D1600S
8: TL-D800C
12: TL-R1200C-RP
2: TR-002
4: TR-004, TR-004U
Supported OSQNAP QTS, Windows, Linux/UbuntuQNAP QTS, Windows, macOS, Linux/UbuntuQNAP QTS, Windows, macOS, Linux/Ubuntu
Create QTS Storage pools Yes 
QTS operations such as disk scanYesYesControlled by RAID disks
H/W RAID ProtectionDepends on software RAID managementYes (RAID 0/1/5/10)
RAID migration & capacity expansionYesYesNo
Max units supported by the QGD-1602P21*2*

* The total number of connected TR and TL USB expansion units cannot exceed two.

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